Technical SEO Audit in Tamil

Technical On page SEO Site audit is explained in Tamil. An SEO Site audit is important to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve on the website.

The on page factors includes the following robots.txt, title tags, sitemap, meta description tag, alt image tag, URL canonicalization, meta keywords tag, and other SEO factors were explained in this video using the software screaming frog.

Screaming frog is a user-friendly software that helps us to the SEO Audit for the clients and also to your own website. There are different tabs in the software which is easy to navigate and the results are accurate.

In addition to screaming frog, some other SEO tools some other tools were used in order to check the mobile friendliness, AMP schema implementation test, and also twitter card. Watch the video to know more about the on page SEO factors and to audit it using the screaming frog software.