SEO Ranking Factors in Tamil

SEO is explained in Tamil. The ranking factors of SEO in 2021 is explained. We already know there are a lot of SEO ranking factors in regards to the On page and Off page SEO, but many didn’t care (or) unaware about the technical SEO which gives them the boost in the search engine rankings. In this video, I have explained the two important ranking factors of SEO in 2021 which are Passage Indexing and Core Web Vitals. Passage indexing isn’t live yet which gives a huge advantage to the small website owners to rank at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Core web vitals are the Largest contentful paint, First input delay, and Cumulative shift layout. It is also going to play a vital part in SEO.
Watch the Video to know more about the SEO Ranking Factors.