On Page SEO in Tamil

On page SEO is an important factor in search rankings. Learn about “What is SEO in Tamil” and also about the On page SEO techniques in Tamil. There are several on page SEO factors such as Meta tags, Internal Linking and External Linking, Structure of the URL, URL canonicalization, Creating and Submitting the sitemap to the Google Search Console, and also using the plugins like Yoast Seo which makes the SEO tasks simple in the WordPress. I explained all these on page SEO factors as a tutorial in this video and Keyword research in the Separate video in the Tamil language. 

1) Tags- Meta tags are the HTML tags that are displayed in the Google Search results like Page Title and Meta description. In the Onpage SEO, it is important to use the primary keywords in these tags after doing the proper keyword research. In the meta description use your primary keywords in the first 150 characters which get displayed in the Google Search results. 

2) Linking – Internal Linking and External linking are two different types of linking which helps to find the different web pages of our website to the user. Internal linking is giving the link to the other pages of our website and whereas external linking is giving the link to the other website pages. 

3) URL Structure – Customizing the URL according to the page is the next on page SEO factor which helps the search engine to understand the page easily. For ex: If the page is about the movie ” The harry potter and the chamber of secrets”, then the URL should be “www.example.com/the harry potter and the chamber of secrets” 

4. URL Canonicalization – The setting up of the preferred version of the URL for our website is termed as the URL Canonicalization. If your website displays both the HTTP and the HTTPS version, then you should decide one to display. 

5. Sitemap Creation: Creating a sitemap is important for any website because it makes the search engine process easy of crawling all the URL’s in one place. The sitemap creation link is below and then after creating the sitemap, submitting it to the google search console is an another important on page SEO factor. 

6. Yoast SEO – If you are using WordPress as your platform then the handy plugin to solve all your On-page SEO mysteries is Yoast SEO. It makes the task simple right from the scratch like optimizing the meta title and description to URL Canonicalization, generating the sitemap, verifying the link of Google Search Console,etc.