Google Search Console Tutorial in Tamil

Google Search Console is explained in Tamil. Google search console helps to track your website performance like clicks, impressions, Click-through rate (CTR), and average position of the keywords for the particular page.

Google search console (GSC) helps in indexing the website and also removing the URL temporarily from the Google Search results.  Some pages are indexed in Google which makes no meaning for the website (i.e., conversion) and it can be temporarily removed with the help of the Google Search console. The URL inspection tool helps in checking the particular URL (i.e whether it is indexed or not). If not Request indexing option, helps to index the particular page.

A sitemap is an important file for any website and it should be submitted to google search console to ensure that all the pages in the website are indexed properly. Google search console also gives the keywords which we rank for and the pages which are performing well for the website. The additional details like the traffic source from the country help us to target a clear source.

Overall, this search console tutorial will helps you to learn the in and out of your website. Watch the video to know more about this.