Google Display Ads in Tamil

Google Ads (or) Adwords Display Campaign creation is explained in Tamil. Google Ads Display campaign is targeting the users (or) prospects with the Image, Video, audio (or) text. For example: If someone is visiting our website, but not purchased anything and left the website. We can Retarget them using the Google Display Campaign with the image of the product they have seen on our website. Selecting the Goal and the subgoal in the Google Ads campaign is important and I have explained about those kinds of stuff. In this Google Ads video, you will also learn about the Location targeting and the bid strategy types of Google Ads such as Conversions, Conversion value, Target ROAS, etc. Google Ads allows you to write up to 5 headlines and 5 descriptions. I will suggest you make use of all the headlines and description because Google Ads rotate those headlines and description automatically and displays the best Ad to the customer which brings the conversions. The Ad should be attractive and within the guidelines of Google Ads. Watch my other Google Ads Videos and learn about Google AdWords Completely.