Google Analytics Tutorial in Tamil

Google Analytics is explained in Tamil. Google Analytics helps to track information about your users, their demographic, and behavioral status.

Google Analytics gives you the solution for the following questions
Who are your users?
 How do web visitors behave compared to purchasers?
What brought them to the site?
Where do they live?
How does this compare year on year?
What impact did the investment into our content strategy have?
Why have sales dropped off?

Google Analytics gives the following important metrics of the website Audience – Who is your users Acquisition – Which medium they are using to reach your website

Behavior – The user’s activities pattern in your website
Conversions – The goal which you set for your website is done. Eg: Adding to cart, Subscribing your newsletter The key terminology of Google Analytics is also explained and they are as follows
Landing Page – The page which a user enters the site.
Page Views – The number of pages viewed within one session.
Bounce Rate – The rate which users leave the landing page without navigating to another page.
Exit Page – The page from which a user leaves the site.
Conversion – A desired course of action such as transaction or download.
Goal – Measuring a specific action which is set by the business.

Google Analytics also helps to measure the Metrics and Dimensions. Dimensions describe the activity of the user such as Keyword – The keywords users used to reach our website City – The user’s city Browser – The browser which the user is using to reach your website